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We lecture NodeJS developers for destroying the web

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Intellivoid Accounts

Second generation authentication solution, privacy focused and allows users to take control over what data they share with the Apps and services they login with

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Intellivoid Accounts


A Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence engine written entirely from scratch, no Tensorflow, no Python. Provides features such as Lydia a machine learning chat bot, Natural Language Processing tools and Image Classification Tools

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What is Intellivoid

We're a small group of talented people that strive to create innovating software & services often from the ground up instead of following a trend or copy-pasting open source projects and calling it our own.

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Over 4.6 million users

More than 4.6 million users use our software one way or another, either it's by bots or our API services.

How we started

Every great story has a beginning, this one doesn't have an end yet.


Started building the infrastructure of what Intellivoid will become


First launch of OpenBlu which lasted for 4-6 months


CoffeeHouse, OpenBlu and Intellivoid Accounts becomes live, LydiaChatBot becomes a popular bot on Telegram


Intellivoid Accounts 2.0 becomes live, SpamProtectionBot gets released on Telegram and reaches over 1 million active by the end of 3 months


Updated CoffeeHouse and currently working on bigger projects